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    Thursday, September 30, 2010

    Syrian reactor PC's infected virus?

    The Israeli air force's Sky Crows squadrons, which on Sept. 6, 2007, deployed 10 F-15I fighter jets to attack Syria's purported nuclear reactor, built along the Euphrates River and modeled after the North Korean reactor in Yongbyon and financed with Iranian assistance...

    New hypothesis from our Paradigm engine.
    Did the Syrian reactor PC's have a virus?
    NKorean and Iranian secret project, so
    there was no pretense about peaceful
    uses, and on a all out schedule to produce
    nuclear bomb material, virus spotted nuke
    bomb use and the Syrian reactor was Green
    lighted for an attack?

    Stuxnet worm, rootkit, botnet: the worm’s 
    birthday—as February 3, 2009. Maybe,
    its just a date found on one of the files.
    The payload could have been changed a 
    dozen times before it was discovered.


    Israeli Attack On Syrian Reactor, Template For Iran Attack?

    NO no need to attack reactor, can be self destructed
    by worm, why risk Air Force?

    Of course the worm may have only had monitoring 
    software in 2007, time of the attack, and take over
    code added in 2010.

    Another assumption is that this worm CAN be
    removed, many parts not reverse engineered yet.




    The worm is, as a physical piece of code, very large. It’s written in multiple languages and weighs in at nearly half a megabyte, and it maybe an invalid assumption that
    it can all be read, if it came form NSA one would expect part of it is written
    in unbreakable encryption, there are still many pieces of it that we don’t understand.
    Stuxnet is already the most studied piece of malware ever, absorbing the attention of engineers and programmers across the globe, from private companies to academics, to government specialists. And yet despite this intense scrutiny, the worm still holds many secrets.
    Many are upset that a State may have created this worm, but in fact
    they have not found anything new. Just a new compilation
    of old malware concepts, and are worried about its future use
    in the hands of criminals. 
    All the ideas are already out there, this is just a new proof
    of concept, genius in its deployment and implementation.
    And it further proof of the state of insecurity on the WWW.
    Every year there are zero day exploits, and not fewer but more
    every year. Todate there must be millions of security vulnerabilities .
    And is a demonstration of the failure of Security Vendors and the fraud
    perpetrated on the public with their  security suites that don't work
    against all KNOWN exploits.
    The security vendor industry is a failure by every measure.
    There will be more surprises.
    And criminals, terrorist will exploit the WWW,
    and the world has no security currently.

    The WWW is at risk, and with it,
    Western civilization as we know it.
    This is the first proof of concept.
    It doesn't feel like we can defend the
    WWW, maybe encryption is the key?
    Defend the encryption engine, keys
    and screen? We can't keep them
    off our PC's but maybe locks on the
    data doors.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.
    The amazing factor is the Imagination
    to create it and deploy it.



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    IIRC, prior to the Israeli air raid the Syrian radar and AA systems were hacked or hit with a virus? This allowed the Israeli jets to bypass the Russians most sophisticated sams.

    I'm sure I read about it at the JAWAs or here.

    5:46 PM  

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