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    Thursday, September 23, 2010

    Stuxnet is not new.


    Stuxnet is not new.

    Paradigm Intel:
    What is new is the context,
    Everything this threat is doing we have wrote about.
    And the data released on this threat hasn't provided
    a full picture yet. This is the first time its been discovered
    not the first time its been used.
    Its a worm, and only the normal vectors of infection
    have been discussed. It has some special capabilities 
    for injsecting its self.

    The artificial Intelligence function so far has only been 
    hinted at. And there are files no one has found yet, 

    Its an excellent response to Iran's secret nuclear
    program, as it is context sensitive.
    If Iran stays within peaceful activities it remains
    dormant, but if they cross the line their Nuclear
    program ends, not in an explosion but in failure,
    cause, vector, actions, actors all unknown.

    This IPR ( Invisible persistent Rootkit ) is about
    5 yrs ahead of all other Rootkits, which means
    we will all be facing this threat in the future but
    in the hands of individuals and other State actors.
    But 5 yrs allows enough time for regime change in
    Iran and gives the world the ability to derail Iran's
    nuclear program any time it turns it to weapons.

    Even if Iran reverts to "Russian Rules" they
    will still be vulnerable. Genius application of
    old is new again, applying new context.

     Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Don't have a COW man., Cyber ...

    Ralph Langner this week at the 2010 ACS Conference in Maryland predicted that the Stuxnet exploits will be available in Metasploit within 6 months.

    Cyber weapons surgical strike.

    Iran's nuke program an open book to NSA.

    Our Update on Stuxnet: 09.24.10 11:58 am est


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