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    Saturday, September 25, 2010

    Stuxnet development Paradigm Intel

    Stuxnet Paradigm Intel
    Stuxnet is a joint effort.

    An extraordinary piece of professional craft.
    Multi State craft.

    The expertise required for this effort is remarkable.
    Just assembling the required experts was a huge effort.
    We have identified outside Uber hackers,
    State hackers, nuclear experts, and using state of the art

    This worm is based on past well tested and proven
    malware fitted with unknown zero day exploits four of them.
    One would have been sufficient.

    It required experts with intimate knowledge of the nuclear systems.

    The Teams were organized around these tasks.

    #1) Penetration methods and vectors 4 
    #2) Worm, security, backdoors and reporting
    #3) Controlling nuclear processes
    #4) Fingerprinting exact targets
    #5) Rootkit paradigms
    #6) Security team for counter strike

    And NSA used outside Uber Hackers, 
    other State experts, Nuclear Scientists,
    and pre-tested it over and over.
    And maintained Opsec.

    As we have said "the new
    paradigms will be discovered
    with in new contexts.

    This opens a new era in
    warfare in a new domain.

    Hope they are ready for 
    the counter strike.
    Its coming.

    Iran doesn't have the craft
    and won't have for years.

    But there are others who
    But this shows that NSA is at the
    top of the Game world wide,
    and they learn from every attack 
    on US systems. 
    This deluxe combo relies on
    old stand-bys and cutting edge
    craft, and even 4 unknown zero 
    day exploits. The data they have
    collected on this would fill several
    blogs already, and there is a lot
    more to reverse engineer.

    There are Gov. guys out there
    that are buying unknown zero
    day exploits, I've talked to
    one. He was interested in 
    our BSU's.

    We are scanning for the application
    of the "Law of Untended Consequence."

    We may not see that until a counter

    One nice "LUC" maybe the expulsion
    of Abberjonny as Iranian President
    from the discovery of Stuxnet.
    Some of the file names are
    very illuminating.

    This surprised me, I knew it was
    possible, but didn't think NSA
    had the imagination, originality
    or Guts to do it.
     true masters of their craft,
    on every level, well thought
    out Paradigm, GENIUS.
    This isn't the first one they've
    done just the first discovered.
    And they may have meant for it to
    be found? At this point, most common 
    malware detection tools will detect this.)

    Iran can get FUCKED very hard
    if they mishandle this Nuke thing.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Was he connected?

    Stuxnet sample hides on usb disks

    If you go to Offensive computing and log in you can find "live - wild" samples for download-analysis.

    10:46 AM  

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