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    Saturday, September 25, 2010

    Iran's future Nuclear program. NOT

    Iran's future Nuclear program.

    Ahmadinejad is done, total epic failure on every

    Iran's nuke program has been turned on its
    head with the discovery of Stuxnet in 300,000

    of its PC's and associated control mechanisms.

    While they are scrambling for methods to dis-infect
    these machines and digging to see just how deep this
    infection goes and running damage assessments and
    checking the depth of the Top Secret leaks they stopped
    trusting their info/data comms. 60% of Iranian computers
    are compromised. Expect to see another 20% over next

    This is a huge embarrassment for Ahmadinejad and
    his Revolutionary Guard, MOIS and  Qods.
    It means their PC are compromised also.

    Ahmadinejad actions has resulted in the exposure
    of all of Iran's Secrets at least to NSA. This may be
    enough to bring the Iranian President down.

    In the mean time they have reverted to "Russian Rules".
    Hard copy only and hand delivery. Which will slow the
    entire Intelligence structure to almost a crawl.

    The damage assessment will take years to complete,
    heads will roll and numerous unexplained deaths from
    regime assassinations for sloppy opsec.

    Look for many more defections as key people try and
    avoid the purge. 

    Iran's imported cyber engineers may be able to remove
    the bug from PCs, but the control consuls is a different
    matter, there are a myriad or places to hide code.
    They can never be sure every one of the 300,000 are clean.

    And then there is the matter of undisclosed methods of  
    infection, unknown vectors.

    And then there is the risk of Iranian success in removing
    the bug, If the world doesn't really know what Iran is doing
    on its nuke program they are going to be attacked.
    Nuke facilities and leadership taken out.
    A suicide action for Ahmadinejad,  a sure method of
    changing Iranian presidents.

    But they haven't got to this paradigm yet, they
    are still busy scrambling dealing with the BUG,
    and their embarrassment and civilian retribution.


    The bones of the Bug that brought down Ahmadinejad.
    Iran wins one, Almost

    Google did an undo for "discard" God Bless Google.



    Anonymous Ace Tomato said...

    Stux to be Iran

    12:39 AM  

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