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    Sunday, August 29, 2010

    US just lost the cyber WAR.

    US just lost the cyber WAR.

    US is developing a cyber war paradigm that is unusable and useless.

    Unlike kinetic warfare, centuries of conflict have yield a set of agreed-upon procedures for what constitute war and what acceptable responses are to attacks, cyber war has no such procedures. Misinterpretation of cyber warfare, cyber espionage, and cyber crime would bring about ill-consequences to the world. Without a formalized definition of cyber warfare across administrations, engagement strategies will remain uncertain [2]. Security technologies research director of U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit, John Bumgarner, discusses core factors need in an International treaties of Cyber Warfare. “These treaty talks will debates the classification of cyber weapons, proliferation issues for these weapons [e.g. cyber arm dealers], verification programs for these weapons, sanction use for these weapons against an opponent, legality issues for these weapons and proportionate response to a cyberattack” he says [2].

    International treaty for NON-STATE actors?
    The time is fast approaching where others than States can
    engage in cyber war at the levels never seen before.

    Not to mention the ability to perform untraceable attacks.

    I think a treaty will just tie the hands of cyber forces,
    during a catastrophic cyber attack.

    And while US cyber forces are trying to get permission
    for unusual and asymmetric counter attack they will
    have lost.

    GOD "they" just don't get it.
    If they have to even make phone calls
    for approval, they have just lost.

    "proportionate response", good luck.
    We don't even know the many of the possible
    Its kind of like the Mayans planning
    proportionate response to the Spanish
    invasion. YOU DON'T KNOW THEIR

    The first rule of engagement should be
    to take the threat off line.
    Our cyber troops. Internet Anthropologist,
    "Company C" etal, are trained to take the
    threat off line or even to trade IPs
    and take the attack themselves if

    The biggest threat we face is the loss
    of the WWW.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour
    And even this can be side stepped if
    you prepare in advance.

    On the other hand NSA the US sooper
    secret cyber forces are so far advanced,
    they can patrol Internationally any computers
    hooked to the net.

    But just because you have 100% access
    doesn't mean you know about every threat.

    Billions of computers, ability to move and
    attack at close to the speed of light,
    cuts reaction time down to seconds in
    some cases.
    And the impossibility of knowing every
    thing going on, or even keeping track of 'it'.

    Even making a copy of the WWW daily
    presents you with the problem of indexing.
    And tracking changes, but Google has
    some paradigms for that, the main
    problem come in at indexing priorities
    and threats, and the capability of artificial
    Intelligence to accurately id a threat.

    And thats very hard when you may not
    even know the range of threats arrayed
    against you.

    There is a high probability of unknown
    threats present, unknown attack vectors,
    even unknown technologies.

    Current cyber war administration
    is trying to apply bricks and mortar
    paradigms to the cyber domain.

    Treatys are a non starter.
    A massive catastrophic cyber attack
    is coming, it may even be launched
    by an individual.

    We have no idea when or how,
    but be assured someone is planning
    on knocking down our Jenga stack,
    just looking for the right piece.

    I am a cyber warrior.

    Rule of engagement :
    If an attack crosses line X.
    No approval needed just ACT.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    Pentagon considers preemptive cyber strikes.

    Your security program/suite is CRAP



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    Nice, keep writing about this. Your posts are very informative.

    If I had the technical skills, I would join your merry little band.

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