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    Tuesday, August 03, 2010

    US is loosing the GWOT. BS

    US is loosing the GWOT. BS

    After almost 10 years al Qaeda cult and the Taliban
    are just holding on.

    Top level leaders are more removed from
    the actual battles ore than ever before, and
    volume and quality of messages has
    dropped considerably, there is very little
    connection between leadership and actual
    field troops.

    The age of the Taliban and al Qaeda troops
    have been droping from mid 20's 7 years ago
    to mid teens today.

    As PTSD takes its toll on the Taliban.
    The secret Taliban wounded.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: The Taliban secret wounded.

    The Taliban pay more per solider
    than the Afghan army or police.
    But the insurgents funding has been
    cut as US has cut funding connections.
    And the insurgents go begging for funding.

    60% of the Afpak people hate or fear
    the Taliban, Paki has been wrachting
    down on the Taliban both in Afghan
    and more in Paki.

    The drones have decapitated
    Taliban and al Quada again and
    again, resulting in troubled leadership.

    The age of suicide bombers also has
    continued to slide as the Taliban
    have had to change is demographic
    to younger more gullible stooges.

    Drugs have taken its toll on the rank
    and file, as well as the leadership.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban leadership loosing control...

    And there is a disconnect between the
    actual Taliban and the webmasters.
    Most of the recent messages and videos
    have not been released on the Terrorist
    sites but released to news media.
    The webmasters have had to establish
    a separate, unguided cyber rank and file,
    with out any real 'connect' to the actual
    insurgent rank and file.The webmasters
    continue to guess at what the leadership
    want and attempt to support the insurgents
    the cyber side faking any real connection and
    authority to the Taliban or al Quada leadership.

    The webmasters have a closer connection
    to Western porno than the to the Taliban.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban Porn #1

    The US has moved a huge force into the
    Taliban's home land in Afghan and the
    Paki a large military force into the Taliban
    home land in Paki.

    The Taliban have been routed, killed, attritted,
    exposed, hated, spied on, bombed, droned,
    and is loosing its support,  demographic and funding.

    Stubborn yes, but a shadow of its former
    self. And desperately striking out.

    Wikileaks has exposed just how evil
    the US military is; in 10 years there
    were 8 Blue on White incidents.
    Military killing civilians.

    Not even one a year, and during
    war time.
    And 148 accidents, civilians
    caught in cross fire incidents.
    No country in the world, at war
    has a record this clean.
    And this data is from the
    secret classified side of
    the US Mil.

    Wikileaks can kiss my ass.

    Internet Anthropologist



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