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    Thursday, August 26, 2010

    Taliban seminal weakness; InfoWAR

    InfoWar is the key to winning the Taliban over to REASON.
    The terrorist culture is running a strong, constant, propaganda
    campaign, providing false but believable info to the tribal like
    sections of the Taliban rank and file.

    The people in this film are representative of much of the
    Taliban rank and file. They believe they are fighting for
    their country and religion.

    They also have some doubts, argue about orders, and
    which tribe will expend their heavy ammo.

    Again I want to emphasis they are reasonable and
    subject to logic and reason, but they have been exposed
    to only one side of the equation and are easily mislead.

    During the film I noticed one fighter wearing argyle socks.
    The Western culture can make huge inroads if employed
    in an info war, bring on coke cola and Pepsi.

    You will notice they bring the male children with
    them to battle, they carry the heavy weapons as
    heavy load bearers, they are not allowed to shoot.
    YET, it is from this demographic and the integration
    of children into the fight that will perpetuate the fight
    for many years. And leads to the death of children during
    counter attacks.

    And they embed the children into planning sessions and allow
    them to dress as soldiers.

    Setting in on a planning session.

    They are putting their own children at risk of death.

    Some of the Taliban troops do not participate in

    and some even use both hands when
    eating, pointing to poor hygiene and high rates
    of illness.

    And even the leader cleans even the small bones of any meat,
    a sign of undernourishment.

    The leader. A reasonable thinking man.

    They fire from ranges so distant they cannot see
    the American Troops, from concealed positions
    that are long term emplacements. 4 rounds at a

    Long term emplacements:

    Note stacked and leveled bricks.

    If they even hit an US vehicle they count the
    it as destroyed, and it appears they are using
    WWI anti aircraft weapon, and the leader
    was impressed with weapons that could fire
    on full auto,  but there was some concern about
    ammo conservation.

    Their attempt at insurgency points to a half
    hearted attempt. And some members facial
    expressions disclosed doubt about the
    cause as the leader was trying to validate
    their actions and lead them in prayer
    after ward.
    Kind of if you don't believe me believe
    in Allah. They continue to bastardize Islam.

    Only an effective InfoWar can tip their
    false mislead belief system the Taliban

    The doubt is certain but tentative in the
    Taliban propaganda.

    And needs to be capitalized on.

    The Taliban Paradigm is flipable, it is false, these former farmers can be
    brought to peace. Only a good truthful info war can flip them to reason
    and peace.

    Even the leader is susceptible to PTSD, after
    his children were killed.



    Even with dead children he is trun-able to PEACE,
    even with PTSD he wants a peaceful life, the Taliban
    have lead him to endanger his children and their deaths.

    Here is one for consideration.

    Internet Anthropologist


    Video back gorund:



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