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    Monday, August 23, 2010

    Swat Valley Truce?

    Swat valley floods lay havoc to civilians.

    Would the Taliban consider a truce in Swat valley
    so the civilians could be helped?

    Is the Taliban really concerned about the Afghan civilians?

    Let them prove it, truce in Swat Valley during flood relief?

    NGO's fear working in that area, and not enough 
    food, of supplies are getting through.

    usairforce AF continues to deliver supplies and food. "U.S. Continues Flood Relief Aid for Pakistan"

    StateDept More info about #Pakistan flood relief efforts and how you can help: #pkfloods#helppakistan

    StateDept U.S. is now providing up to $150 million to support#Pakistan flood relief efforts:

    Flood Recovery Could PushPakistan to the Edge

    Real test for Taliban see if they attack NGO's and aid for civilians,
    the truth will out.



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