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    Monday, August 30, 2010

    Nokorea: paradigm Intel.

    Nokorea paradigm Intel.

    Kim missed a meeting with Carter, instead
    going to China, his #3 son did not go with him.

    PI suggest it was a medical emergency.
    Its unlike Kim to miss photo op with
    former US President.

    Photos with American presidents is a kind
    of badge for Kim, claim to importance, 
    power. Highly significant he missed photo


    The release of the American was predicated
    on Jimmy's trip to meet KIM.

    We have picked up noise and chatter on a new
    limp and some drooling Kim is doing.

    We think KIM had another heart attack.
    Jimmy was not dissed, he met with Nokorea's
    head nuke negotiator.

    Sign of good things to come, they may
    be moving to give up nukes.
    Which would allow new #3 son to
    bring in a new era pf prosperity,
    and make him a hero.

    NoKorea's mil wants prosperity,
    lot of quiet pressure in background.




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