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    Monday, August 02, 2010

    "Government Emergency Google Blog" GEGB sites.

    "Government Emergency Google Blog" GEGB sites.

    A hardened emergency web site.

    In case of an severe cyber attack one of the US biggest assets may

    be public PC's.

    Currently there are no provisions for a site that the US public

    could go to enmass for an emergency security program or

    a connection where the public could donate their band width

    thru a Government Bot net connection.

    Or massive public hits to any Gov. web site will bring

    it down as the servers are overwhelmed from the massive public

    hits from people looking for answers during a mega emergency.

    Government servers, congress, Senate and the house servers

    go down regularly, from massive public interest, to many

    hits for the Gov. Servers to handle.

    The only Company set up to handle such a massive surge

    in traffic without bringing down its servers is Google.

    Funny as it sounds a "Government Emergency Google Blog"

    would serve the purpose, they are set up to handle

    massive traffic surges, and allow unlimited down

    loads. Without bringing down its Google servers,

    and they have the band width needed in an emergency.

    The Government has started to use Twitter and Facebook,

    Because of the utility and function the Government can’t

    Match, Google Blogs provide utility and function the Government

    can’t match also.

    "Government Emergency Google blog" GEGB sites need

    to be set up and URL's promoted to the public before

    the emergency, a real Government program that is


    In case or a cyber Pearl Harbor, Google is best

    equipped to keep a site up and connected to the

    WWW, and handle the probable huge volumes of

    traffic such an attack would cause as the public

    seeks info and guidance.

    Google has capacity NSA doesn't even have.

    In an Emergency Google would be a national


    The technology is there it awaits the connection,

    and promotion of the URL's before an emergency.

    Will the US be pro-active?

    Will they make the connection to Google?

    Senate order the connection.?

    Or will the Government wait till after the

    emergency to try and establish GEGB

    and try to get out the word and URL's

    during the emergency?

    Till they do we have set up a GEGB,

    ready to be taken over by the Government

    ( )

    if an emergency arises before they get

    the real GEGB set up.

    Just for reference here is the URL.

    for the interim GEGB, it can handle

    ( Google ) unlimited traffic and the URL is now

    in the public domain. ( You have it )

    If USA gets hit, this has a good

    chance of still being up, functional,

    and will handle almost unlimited hits,

    unlike Government servers..

    Book mark the URL/site.


    Internet Anthropologist

    Google has my permission to give

    control of this blog over to the Government

    at their request. Accepting the widest possible

    interpretation of terms.

    The URL, is now in the public domain.

    Check this URL during an emergency for links

    to Government Google pages.



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