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    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    WaPo Intel Gators and swamps

      Our paradigm on the American Intel system indicates
    there is duplication, waste, obfuscated programs
    and no one sees it all.

    The American Intel system is paranoid and doesn't
    play well with others or its own.

    NSA is so paranoid, ( For good reason ) they
    refused to use FISA courts, the President finally
    gave them a finding so they didn't need to use the
    courts, NSA didn't trust the FISA courts. NSA doesn't
    trust any body. Why ask for info when you can
    just go and take it.
    Google employees change Index ratings.
    They can for example raise Image search engine ratings,
    and lower search terms rating, which maintains number
    of hits, but lowers quality and reach of site.

    The reasons for the  construction of the Intel
    paradigm in this manner is security.

    What WaPo calls   "lacking in thorough oversight",
    "so massive that its effectiveness is impossible to determine.",

    Is partly compartmentalization, if one intel section gets
    penetrated then the others are still secure.

    If one service gets penetrated and fed bad Intel
    a second service maybe collecting the same
    Intel and not find the bad intel, and discover the
    info plant.

    Why are they paranoid, does the US have
    any real enemies? After all they are the worlds
    only super power.

    Russia is no longer a super power threat but
    they are a an OLD nuclear power, and they
    have a ace in the hole.

    Our Paradigm intel says it was the RBN
    that penetrated most US nets, DOD, Google,
    and State dept among so many others.
    They were and still are looking to sell the
    data to others, they won't sell to terrorist
    that could bring about very grave consequences.
    But China is interested but doesn't trust Russia,
    and Paki has paid for a peak and maybe even

    The data transfers have to be made by CDs
    and independent networks not connected
    to the WWW, other wise Fort Meade's computers
    will light up like Christmas trees when that data
    hits the WWW.

    China and the US economic systems are
    so interlocked one could not destroy the
    other with out doing themselves in.

    The over lap and redundancy is good security
    in some cases. And one would not expect
    even a super user to grasp the entirety
    of all the data produced.
    Its like you using your towns library.
    You will never know every book.
    But some one does, each book,
    someone wrote them, and some
    people read them but never all
    of the books. But you can search
    the Index for info you need.

    Although I can't understand not
    letting a super user take notes?
    How can one do analysis without
    taking notes?
    That needs to be fixed.

    The problem becomes security
    vs functionality.
    What you gain in security you loose
    in functionality.

    The inability to search across all
    intel data bases limits ability
    to go after the bad guys,
    But at the same time shields
    the systems against spies.
    Clapper Calls for Terrorism Data Repository, Search Engine -

    And there are two reasons for
    reports not being on line.
    #1) old school.
    #2) Security, hackers can't
    penetrate a piece of paper.
    Cyber espionage complicates
    the paradigm and forces security
    around the bend.

    Any agency that would have total
    access would be a prime target
    for other foreign Intel agencys.

    Right now no one has total access
    Right now no one other than God,
    knows it all.

    The very problems WaPo
    points to also provide great security. 

    It could use some cleaning up,
    But its more important to remember
    your here to empty the swamp even when
    you up to your ass in alligators,
    its not as important to worry
    what someone 'thinks' your are doing.

    Washington Post:
    Please don't stop empting the swamp,
    or fighting gators, but explain why you
    parked over there and drove that car today
    while your doing it.

    Internet Anthropologist

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