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    Saturday, July 31, 2010

    Paki's top spy/fixer

    Colonel Imam Sultan Amir Tarar.

    Retired Pakistani military and Inter-Services
    Intelligence (ISI) officer, Paki's top spy and Fixer
    wants to go home, 4 months seems like a life time
    to him.

    Mullah Omar has extended his protection
    to Tarar. Its not likely he is in any real danger.
    And we don't believe they are keeping him in
    a basement  but he is under house arrest.

    The problem seems to lie with the prisioner
    exchange, and whom they want for him.
    And he knows plenty of secrets, and is
    sick of his "Guesthood". He is trying to
    pressure Paki to do the exchange.
    If he runs his mouth, he won't be
    coming back to Paki. They would be pissed
    and he would pay, hard.


    Complete English transcript as follows:
    “Today is July 24, and tomorrow, it will be July 25. I am Sultan Amir, son of Ghulaam Amir, and people know me as Colonel Imam. I am in the custody of Lashkar Jhangvi Al Alami, Abdullah Mansoor. I sent my statements and CD messages to the government several times, but no attention has been given until now.”
    “You know what mentality these people have and what are they up to. Khalid Khwaja has already been killed and we might receive an even harsher treatment, which will be damaging for Pakistan.”
    “They cannot be pressured by anyone. They are well organized. According to them, my previous statements have not been released to the media either. I appeal, Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister, DG ISI Jahangir Gul and Jasim Baig, to accept the demands of Lashkar Jhangvi Al Alami as soon as possible.”
    “You people know about the services I rendered for my country. If the Pakistan government does not care about me, then I don’t have any reason to care about the nation either, and [I] will reveal all the weaknesses of our nation.”
    “Whatever game is being played with Afghanistan, India, Russia, and America, I know about all of it. It is now for the Pakistani government to decide. Four months have now passed but you don't care about me. I am fed up of spending my whole life all the time in a basement.
    “It should be conveyed to my family to pray for me and to take care of the children. I also want it to make it clear to my son Nauman Umar to resign from his government post. At the moment, they don't seem to care about me, so why would they make a fuss over him in the future either.”
    “Wasalam, your well wisher, Sultan Amir.”

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