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    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    24 hr warning expired, part 1 of a series.

    24 hr warning expired, part 1 of a series.

    The penetration program.

    It has to work on all systems, platforms, OS.

    I will have a 'walk around" for all security

    programs, and exemption from system restore


    It will not be identified as malware.

    It will not use virus vectors.

    There will be no identifible spy/virus.malware strings.

    It will use other programs for cover to

    set up surveillance, any review of the

    system will only find authroized programs


    It will make copies of key text files

    and transmit them ( until July 26, 2010 was

    not encrypted, sent in the clear. G )

    It will collect URLs used in any VPN,

    Other URLs collected from ISP.

    It collects key strokes without a

    keyloogger. It collects files


    What program is the "master program"?

    What program transmits data, undetected?

    Whom is running this?

    And how wide spread is this?

    What is the only method effective

    for spotting the penetration?

    Part one of a series.


    Check with the Air Force on who designed 
    this little gem.


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