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    Wednesday, June 02, 2010

    BP in wonderland, where's Alice

    John Tenniel's illustration for "A Mad Te...Image via Wikipedia

    BP has robots with diamond saws.
    And that was number 6 on their "to do" list?
    They waited 42 days to mention the robots with diamond saws?

    The junk shot, top hat, and four others
    before the diamond saws?
    They need to explain these decisions.

    The diamond saw blade bot bound up.
    Any carpenter knows how you get a blade
    bound up, you screwed up, the blade got
    crimped, usually something an amateur does.

    And BP sent some clean up crews to wash the grass,
    wiping down individual blades of grass.
    It was on cable TV, CNN.

    Have they gone NUTZ?
    Is this Alice in wonderland?
    Here let me join in.

    The oil spill isn't an environmental disaster.
    It is FREE sun screen for swimmers and fish.

    Add 100,000 tons of Garlic and its a marinade
    for all the dead fish.

    PB is actually a Wall St Bank, not an oil co.
    ( so this is all OK )

    Its an experiment to calm the waves and stop

    I've heard Canada requires the Oil Cos to
    drill the shut off pipe lines the same time they
    drill the well, not 40 or 60 days after the spill.

    I've heard the well head was made out of too
    thin metal, and BP got a waiver, to OK it.
    Heard about the argument over the equiptment
    installed, the blowout prevention stuff, reports
    of knowingly running with faulty prevention equipment.

    Of using the wrong liquid during drilling  and
    BP white shirt enforcing it.

    This investigation should be a real good read.



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