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    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    'White' teen spotted in Taliban video

    'White' teen spotted in Taliban video

    The video contains very brief glimpses of a clean-shaven young man in his late teens or early 20s, dressed in Western-style clothing, in a gathering of Taliban fighters.

    The analyst said the video, which followed an Oct. 3, 2009 attack on Combat Outpost Keating..

    Western intelligence agencies have become increasingly worried about the prospect of non-Asian or -Arab Westerners joining terrorist groups.

    “(At) 42:22, he comes in picture, the white guy, neat blouse, Western coat and no beard (he's the only one around without traditional clothing or a beard). (At)

 42:25 he's in the center of the picture, pulling his hand through his hair.” 

    If you know these people contact your local FBI office
    or email us at InternetAnthropologistTT at

    Note stripes on sleeve.

    He doesn't appear to be with any one, nor do we see him making any contact.
    Anthropologically these photos provide no "evidence" he is not Asian.
     But his hair color, clothing and personal hygiene ( shaving & short hair ) suggest he may me Western or European. The way everyone ignores him is very un-nerving, does everybody
    know him, why isn't any one suspicious? How does he just seem to blend in for the 300  Taliban but stands our to the viewer? He is well KNOWN by villagers.

    Possible second westerner at 40:42, young man short hair, US army field jacket, clean shaven.

    His dress, shirt and fatigue jacket, and unshaven and
    the presents of the first young man brings him to our attention.


    Further extensive review of the video picks him up earlier:


    The leader of the attack:

    Anyone Know who he is? G Mullah Sadiq?


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