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    Monday, May 10, 2010

    Taliban propaganda on wired?

    Is Noah Shachtman unknowingly promoting Taliban propaganda?

    Read the comments:

    The Taliban propaganda has been pushing the Drone attacks kill many civilians and
    are an attack on the Muslim religion.

    Of course thats not true, and there have been many restrictions placed on drone
    attacks, that have greatly limited civilian deaths.

    US can't run military operations in Paki but they can do Drone attacks.
    And war does have collateral damages, civilians always get killed.
    But no country in the world has ever done more to limit civilian deaths
    then the current US Military.

    The problem isn't the Drone attacks, its the Info War propaganda
    run by the Taliban, of course US is not in a war against Muslims.
    And the civilian deaths are far lower than the Taliban promote and
    lie about.

    The problem lies in the poor anti-propaganda run by the US and
    the number of terrorist sites left up to promote these lies.

    Taliban says 10 civilians killed in strike. And the US response
    is we will investigate, and weeks later the truth comes out.
    But in the mean time the press carries the story of 10 civilians
    Killed and its believed. For two weeks, or the readers never
    hear the truth.

    The truth is there is very few civilian casualties, and US
    is not at war with all Muslims, just the terrorists.
    And the Terrorist are bringing children into battle
    to increase civilian deaths.
    The drones are the weapon the Taliban fear the most
    and the drone strikes are being run very responsibly
    and effectively.

    Taliban leader:
    "This is not a fight over territory but for our
    existence and survival,"

    There was a vid on YOUTUBE showing a child involved
    in planting roadside IEDs, carrying materials, a pre-teen.
    ( But YOUTUBE removed it.
    "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation. "  )

    Scarborough says he would rather have US send troops in to get the Terrorists.
    WTF, its Paki, he wants us to invade Paki? He says US is dropping Drones all
    over the place. Is he a Taliban supporter? His remarks are untrue and irresponsible.

    The problem isn't the drone attacks, The problem is
    the propaganda lying about the drone attacks and
    misleading reports like the one on Wired.
    Where readers believe the lies.

    This "Am JOE" show was a cluster F*** of half truths and
    Taliban propaganda.

    "It doesn't take a weak mind to
    fall for the Terrorist propaganda;
    it just takes presenting it in a
    format that the reader believes.

    Its human nature to want to right
    a wrong, and the more wrong the
    act is the stronger the motivation.
    Regardless whether the supposed
    wrong is true or not.
    It just has to be presented in a format
    the reader will believe, without
    any opposing comment or suspicion
    it is a lie."

    Backgrounder on Taliban's defeat:
    Taliban leadership loosing control.

    I think Noah, award-winning Blogger, has been mislead on this
    issue. And generally does an outstanding
    job of reporting.

    Internet Anthropologist



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