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    Sunday, May 09, 2010

    Taliban leadership loosing control.

    The two talibans.
    This is number 2, in Afghan.
    Picking his nose.

    Taliban leadership loosing control.

    The new young Taliban are punks, no respect for
    the chain of command or white beards.

    They are brutal, greedy and corrupted.
    They often disregard letters of authority
    and orders.

    Often governed by greed rather than
    religion. In some cases they have
    become a threat to some of the Taliban
    senior leadership.

    The Taliban punks have grown used
    to the authority of the Ak47 and they
    themselves are disrupting Command and
    Control ( C2 ).

    They have lost belief in the old leadership
    and are suffering very heavy losses.
    They are defying the old Guard and
    throwing Taliban strategies into chaos.

    The young punks in their 20's live and
    die by their own wits, and have little
    respect for Taliban leaders hiding
    in comfort in Pakistan.

    Insubordination and disobedience of
    orders is common place.

    Moral is very low and paranoia is
    at new psychotic levels.

    The Taliban are historically known
    for having no honor even among
    themselves. Selling each other
    out if the price is right, under the
    proper circumstances/excuses.

    The competition between Taliban
    groups has lead to in fighting and many
    casualties. However the number of IED's
    has risen to 1,000 for April, 50% increase
    from last year, Iranian IED's.

    Many of the new punk commanders
    are in their 20's thanks to the new
    accuracy and lethality of US weapons.

    Promotions in the field are fast and furious.
    Often leaving the most brutal and
    disrespectful in charge.
    They don't believe in power sharing,
    and want real fighting head to head
    with the 100,000 American troops.

    "the insurgents have lost 50 commanders
    and subcommanders in his home province
    of Ghazni alone"

    Taliban leader:
    "This is not a fight over territory but for our
    existence and survival,"

    These young Taliban punks have
    decimated centuries-old system of tribal rule.
    Turning much of the civilian population against
    them. While raising the terror and fear level in
    every village.

    Many of the punks remember after the defeat
    of the Taliban in Afghan the crime lords taking
    over and blame the Americans, and were victims
    and abused, and now have become the abusers.
    The Taliban in Afghan are fighting for survival.


    Taliban #1 
    Taliban in Paki,  

    Times Sq bomber trained and supported and financed
    by TTP, headquartered in N. Waziristan, mounting
    attacks on USA. N. Waziristan has become a safe
    haven for Paki Taliban and mounting attacks world
    wide. The Taliban are undergoing a power struggle
    In  N. Waziristan for dominance of the leadership.
     In Pakistan, ex-spy Khalid Khawaja's killing is 
    surrounded by mystery. Mulla Omar wanted him
     N. Waziristan could become a tinder box.

    Internet Anthropologist

    The two talibans.IATT

    The Taliban's Secret Wounded. IATT

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