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    Saturday, May 08, 2010

    Taliban kills spy: NOT

    Did Taliban torturer a false confession out of Mula Omars Spies?

    ISI agents Khalid Khwaja and retired Colonel Amir Sultan Tarar (popularly known as Colonel Imam), and Asad Qureshi, a British journalist of Pakistani origin, were sent to North Waziristan.

    It seems the two ISI agents were well known and were major
    messengers and negotiators between the Paki Government,
    Taliban and al Qaeda and maybe even the CIA.
    We think they were involved in several hundreds of deals.

    They functioned as a safe conduit for all parties,
    and maybe more?

    But the Taliban got them and "QUESTIONED" them
    till they got a confession, then killed one of them.

    Our sources indicate Mula Omar dispatched a security
    team to protect the one remaining agent ISI agent
    in Taliban custody.

    The death has been blamed on a relative new comer
    group to the Taliban ranks.

    The agents who gave the tip off for their capture
    may never be known, they had made many enemies
    among those who didn't like the out come of their
    work which covered maybe a 5 yr period.

    The Taliban are well known for double crossing,
    double dealing, and even selling out their own,
    the Taliban have no honor.

    Currently Paki and the Taliban have an agreement
    which allows the Taliban all of N Waziristan.

    The DEAD ISI agent was an very important
    contact used by all involved.

    N Waziristan will pay a heavy price for
    his death. He was some what trusted
    by all sides.

    Taliban has finally learned the same
    truth about water boarding and false

    But the Press ignores this when
    done by the Taliban.

    Taliban tricked into stepping on its
    own D**k. And will pay a heavy price.
    ISI believes in retribution.



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