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    Monday, May 03, 2010

    Taliban Comedy

    Taliban employ 3 stooges for bombing?

    The Keystone cops aspects of this incident
    smells. It's like they intended this to be an EPIC FAIL.
    I've seen reports that the SUV was parked
    illegally, Engine running and flashers on.
    ( Maybe the fuse ignited and he just pulled
    over and ran. G )

    Like that wouldn't draw attention.
    Fireworks, non-explosive fertilizer,
    Failure of two timers.

    The investigators did get a VIN
    number off the SUV, tracked plates
    to a repair/junk yard and buyer 
    on Craigs list, and most
    assuredly investigators got finger 
     prints off the bomb materials.

    They have Identified a Paki/American
    in his 20's and one balding guy in his

    Then we have Hakeemullah Mehsud the liar,
    promoting a video with him and his Bacha Bazi 

    Who ever is running this is non-compos mentis.

    We still think they will have names and photos
    with in 24 hrs.
    ( UPDATE: 05.03.10 10:37pm EST They are 
    watching airports, so they
    have his name and photo. G )

    al Qaeda cult hasn't been able to mount
    a sucessful attack and this is the best the
    Taliban could do.

    I don't feel threatened.
    If this was a movie I'd walk out,
    implausible plot.
    Well if it was a comedy I'd 
    watch it.

    Internet Anthropologist



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