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    Friday, May 28, 2010

    Taliban commissioned officers confused.

    Dissension has broken out in the top ranks of Afghanistan’s Taliban. The group has muddled along without an operational head since February, when Mullah Mohammed Omar’s second in command, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, was arrested in Karachi, Pakistan. (It was Baradar who directed the Taliban’s day-to-day affairs while the Taliban’s living symbol and spiritual leader, Mullah Omar, stayed safely hidden from the Americans.)

    Zabibullah worries that Gul Agha’s claim to power, with no hard evidence but a letter (which Zabibullah has not seen), is spreading confusion and doubt in the Taliban’s ranks. Another senior Taliban commander, the deputy leader of the Peshawar shura, recently told mourners at a funeral that Baradar’s designated successor is one of the group’s three top officers, a rear-echelon commander named Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor—not Gul Agha. “This is no good,” says Zabibullah. “One man says he has a letter, while another may say he dreamed that Mullah Omar has appointed him. What’s real?”


    Mullah Omar, leader of Afghan Taliban remains
    in hiding scared of spies and drones.

    Taliban punks remain restless, on short leash
    some have broken their leashes.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban leadership loosing control...

    Taliban rank and file under staffed/manned.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: The Taliban secret wounded.

    Main Taliban sects on the move.

    Hakeemullah's pullout from North Waziristan 

    Taliban command and control in disarray.
    Moral is bad, striking out at everything
    in desperation.
    US bases, even Mosques.

    Taliban attacks two Muslim-minority mosques 

    Taliban is under heavy pressure both in Afghan
    and Paki.Taliban regime cracking under the strain.

    Internet Anthropologist



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