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    Tuesday, May 04, 2010

    Shahzad Faisal all around failure

    Shahzad Faisal has said he was trained in bomb making in Pakistan.

    Highly doubtful.

    He was using a pile of M88s for a detonator.
    The M88's ( not even M80s )  were going to blow up the propane canisters. NOT..

    M88 fire cracker:

    Does this sound like Taliban trade craft?
    And used a non-explosive fertilizer as explosive booster.
    And his two timer triggers malfunctioned.

    He left the SUV running, with flashing warning lights,
    keys in it along with the keys to
    his personal car and 3 residential keys. 

    It seems his Americanization precluded him
    from being a suicide bomber.
    He was smart enough not to be a Martyr.

    MBA  and ends up selling Jewelry ,
    then tries his hand at IEDs.

    But the American criminal Banks did get him,
    in the fall out of the toxic sub-prime loan debacle.
    They foreclosed on his $40,000 home for failure
    to pay $200,000 mortgage.

    And Shahzad Faisa did open the Youtube site,
    Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan News Channel
    before the attack. Someone from Connecticut did?

    Evidence still missing, how he made connections
    to his Taliban contacts in Paki to get the videos
    to post on the Youtube site. Maybe he just sent
    the password for them to upload the vids themselves?
    His cell phone has been recovered and all calls.
    Do they have his PC?
    His Email accounts should be a treasure troves.

    And we are sure he must have posted on some
    Jahiddie forums.

    I'm hoping the evidence is there to expose the
    Taliban for the Liars they are.

    So far there is no evidence to the contrary
    that he WAS a lone wolf, wana be Taliban.

    He seems to be willing to let the Taliban milk this
    and him for propaganda, and terrorist potential.

    There have been cases where the Taliban
    have refused to train wana be American terrorists.
    And we think this is one of them, but they are willing
    to exploit his Epic Fail for propaganda.

    I just can't see any Taliban training in his sad
    attempt. Pathetic and pitiful sad little man.
    Reached for the American dream and failed,
    settled for infamous tag as failed wana be
    Taliban bomber. Not even a martyr.
    Just an all around failure.



    Our sources inside the beltway tell us Intel and law
    enforcement are still in a full crash program 24/7
    on the leads from this case. NO rest or pause
    just cause they have an arrest.G

    His Motive wasn't religious terrorism.

    Key Taliban Group denys any connection to the would be IED bomber.
    "I think junior felt he was a failure and that his future was back in Pakistan and that he felt he could get away with it and be a hero back home."
    And no one really got hurt, but he didn't expect  American Intel , law enforcement
    could track him so fast. He's gona EAT it now. G



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