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    Tuesday, May 04, 2010

    Real time surveillance cocoon on the bomber

    US real time surveillance cocoon on the bomber
    was a huge success. ( new intel, 05.05.10 G )

    This was the most difficult kind of operation
    to field, a defacto lone wolf, minimal connection
    to the Taliban and done in real time.

    If he had good connections to the terrorist
    he would have shown up on Intelligence radar.
    The lack of any noise or chatter points to the
    lone wolf scenario.

    They were able to surveil him real time even
    though he made Plane reservations on the
    way to the airport.

    The surveillance cocoon was loose enough
    he never saw it, and tight enough to stop him
    leaving the USA.

    We have seen the surveillance cocoon before
    it is very complete and all encompassing.

    In this surveillance cocoon you can't make a move
    without US intelligence knowing what your
    doing and in real time.

    Its a tribute to US real time surveillance
    of perps, methods which will amaze
    the public when disclosed.

    Great team work and mastery of many
    technologies and expert field craft in
    real time on a very fast basis 24/7.


    Internet Anthropologist


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