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    Friday, May 07, 2010

    People Prison , Banks Bailouts:

    People Prison , Banks Bailouts:


    Over a month has elapsed since the years-long investigation and prosecution of TJX hacker Albert Gonzalez came to a dramatic end, with Gonzalez sentenced to 20 years in prison for the largest identity theft case in U.S. history.

    On Friday, 27-year-old Christopher Scott, who helped Gonzalez crack TJX and other retail chains, will surrender for a 7-year sentence, leaving behind his wife and young step-daughter.  Later this month, Damon Patrick Toey, 25, will also surrender for a 5-year-sentence for helping Gonzalez breach the networks of numerous companies and sell stolen card data.
    Of all the defendants now walking into the prison system under their own power...

    Now a little-noted postscript to that high-profile case is unfolding away from the media spotlight,  as a handful of convicted accomplices in Gonzalez’s schemes, who’ve been free on bail since the case began, say goodbye to their families and friends, and check themselves into federal prison for years.

    Prosecutors don’t dispute Watt’s claim that he wasn’t paid for the code, nor do they assert that he earned any profit from the stolen card data. But U.S. District Judge Nancy Gertner felt the enormity of the TJX intrusion, which she called “mightily, mightily malicious and irresponsible,” demanded jail time.
    The sentence would serve a clear message to Watt and others, Gertner said during one hearing, that “you cannot be a cog in this wheel knowing that someone else is stealing … even if you didn’t get a dime for it.”


    "you cannot be a cog in this wheel knowing that someone else is stealing..." Unless your a bank then you can steal with impunity, loan shark, 30% on CC and 460% on payday loans, even crash the Stock market 1,000 points in 10 min. and get away with your crimes...
    While if your a bank you can get away with bringing the worlds economys
    to the verge of collapse,  defraud investors with "D" rated sub-prime paper
    rated AAA, and then get bailed out by congress.
    You can be classified to big to fail ( or prosecute. G ).
    And NOTHING has been done to prevent another banking debacle.
    Congress did pass banking regulation forbidding States from
    regulating the Banking loan sharking.

     But if your a NON-bank:
    “you cannot be a cog in this wheel knowing that someone else is stealing … even if you didn’t get a dime for it.” You go to prison.

    Internet Anthropologist


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