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    Tuesday, May 04, 2010

    Paradigm Intel; Taliban's Times Square fail.

    Paradigm Intel; Taliban's Times Square fail.

    The Taliban videos were posted on YOUTUBE .
    The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan News Channel on YouTube was created on April 30.
    The videos were uploaded by some one from Connecticut.

    Did Hakeemullah Mehsud email the video to ,
    Shahzad Faisal whom lives in Connecticut,
    and he posted the vids, and created the site?

    Paradigm Intel indicates Shahzad Faisa, did not recieve any
    bomb training during the 5 months he was in Pakistan.
    But he evidently did make a connection with the Taliban.
    The Taliban didn't trust him enough to train him.
    But his big connection was 'post' Times Square attempted bombing.

    After the bombing he contacted his Taliban connections
    and they seeing the propaganda value rushed some
    videos into production after the Times Square attempt.

    This was not a Taliban operation.

    And Shahzad Faisa did open the Youtube site,
    Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan News Channel
    before the attack.

    It shapes up like Shahzad Faisa was a wana be
    Taliban, and they didn't take him seriously
    till after the failed attack.
    He was too high a security risk to train.
    American  Muslim, from America maybe
    a spy.
    But then the Taliban scrambled to take propaganda
    advantage of his failed actions and of the Press.

    Shahzad Faisa is a one man show in the USA,
    or very close to it and the Taliban recognized the
    his actions after the fact as an object of opportunity.
    Even though he was an epic fail.

    His Taliban contacts in Paki have been arrested.

    This points to the Taliban's nimbleness to take
    advantage of even a failure wana be Taliban.
    And they even pulled Hakeemullah Mehsud out
    of recurpuation in a comfortable residential setting
    to rush a video to the perp.

    Taliban Comedy

    Taliban spin continues, but as a failed effort.

    Internet Anthropologist

    Update: 05.04.10 0924 pm EST:
    I've heard what Shahzad Faisal has said under interrogation,
    but it maybe more important to look at what the
    actions were VS what he says.




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