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    Saturday, May 22, 2010

    Ops and Intel update: 05.22.10

    Maldives hosts Afghan peace talks
    Representives from the Taliban and the Afghan government attended the talks. There was no immediate statement on the outcome of the meeting, ...

    US Air Force building cyber troop staff, all bases, already  30,000 Troops.
    ( prep for cyber attack on Iran? G )

    'Iran to boost 'cyber war' deterrence
    They installed AV. 

    Pakistan's Social Media Ban may endanger the country's Economic Growth

    "Bugnets" & "Bugbots" + Rootkit & GPS give a new meaning to social nets.

    Lot of  activity at secret Xe base, details with held for opsec reasons. G.

    Taliban attack Kandahar Airfield

    May 22, 2010 12:10 PM ET
    By Bill Roggio

    A rocket strike was followed by a ground assault; fighting is still ongoing. The attack is the third major strike against the Coalition in six days, and the fourth attempt to overrun a Coalition and Afghan base in the country during the same time period. The largest assault targeted the airbase at Bagram in central Afghanistan, the largest Coalition base in the country.  

    Crime Links to Terror

    the Colombian government arrested thirty-six individuals on money laundering and drug charges. According to authorities, this network — comprised of Lebanese expatriates —was more than a traditional criminal syndicate, and was shipping a portion of its profits back to Hezbollah in Lebanon.  

    Google Launches Encrypted Search

    Q is why Google did this? G


    I am no fan of some of the Special Forces work in Afghanistan because there is no need to hit local compounds with the full SF direct action package which includes the varsity Afghan Commandos (who are very very good) a half dozen or so helicopters, dedicated UAV platforms, dedicated attack jets and AC 1230 gunships, etc…   to pick up a few suspected Taliban.  That is a ton of time and money to spend on trying to get villains who may or may not be in the targeted compound.   It is easier and cheaper to drive up in the middle of the day with some ANA troops, knock on the door and ask your target if he wants to come now or does he want to fight?  These guys are inside compounds with 9 foot high walls, it’s not like they can run away – there are four options when faced with deadly force confrontation; fight, flight, posture or submission.  When trapped inside a compound those options are reduced to fight or submission.  If the target wants to fight you can invite him to be a true Pashtun man of honor and let the women and kids out of the compound before you come in to get him.  You can also move the neighbors out of their compounds, and then try to talk them out or bomb them or go in after them… whatever option you want. It is much easier and safer for everyone (except the target because this is only going to end one way for them) if you would just think things through and take your time.



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