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    Sunday, May 09, 2010

    Ops and Intel update: 05.09.10

    Iran executes 'anti-revolutionary' prisoners

    Iran's military exercises armed ducks in a Pond.G

    On the run, terrorists find new haven in North Waziristan

    Attacks signal end of poppy harvest in Afghanistan

     White House sees no cyber attack on Wall Street

    WASHINGTON -- The White House's homeland security and counterterrorism adviser says there is no evidence that a cyber attack was behind the chaos that shook Wall Street last Thursday.( They have no idea, not a clue, two huge "Black Pools" one in Europe and one in Pacific rim, without any oversight. G )

     U.S. Debt Shock May Hit In 2018, Maybe As Soon As 2013: Moody's


    Moodys under investigation for  AAA sub-prime rating, I lost the link, more later.

     FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is proposing to promote competition and preserve the free flow of Web traffic by applying to broadband Internet service certain provisions of rules designed to regulate traffic on copper-wire telephone networks.

    (FCC isn't to be trusted with WWW, see below. G )



    FCC Lets Hollywood Turn Off Your Output Jacks 

    The move by the Federal Communications Commission grants cable and satellite providers the power to block consumers from viewing just-released movies in an analog format through a process known as Selectable Output Control. Hollywood requested SOC powers as a condition of allowing providers for the first time to release movies to their in-home customers while the film is in theaters.

    FCC under control of RIAA and MPAA. G

     “The FCC is allowing the MPAA to control your television,”

    RIAA and MPAA count every use of their media( MP3
    and video ) as lost revenue. When in fact most of the
    views are motivated because they are free. 
    The millions of Chinese who do illegally view their
    product would never spend $10 to see them.

    There is very little actual lost revenue, most of
    the illegal uses are by people who would never
    pay for the product. They only view because they
    Can for free. I play music on Youtube and every
    time I play it they count it as loss revenue, and
    when they remove the song from YT, I have never
    bought the music. RIAA is using a faulty  Hypothesis.

    The Cases RIAA have brought amount to shoplifting
    24 songs and the poor victims get a Million dollar fine.

    RIAA and MPAA are using an outdated abusive
    paradigm. They are clinging to the old Brick and
    mortar store front paradigm, of selling an actual
    physical product. Their current WWW product
    cost very close to "00.00" after the first copy.
    They are just rearranging bytes on your PC.

    If they adapted a Internet Paradigm, prices
    would fall drastically and sales would increase
    exponentially to cover reduced prices.

    If the prices were reduced to reasonable 
    levels, people would prefer to purchase
    the product instead of risk infection.

    RIAA and MPAA have undue influence in
    the White House and FCC.
    And their paradigm is Greedy and abusive.




    Washington post & NYT cover up.

    Times Sq bomber trained and supported and financed
    by TTP, headquartered in N. Waziristan, mounting
    attacks on USA. N. Waziristan has become a safe
    haven for Paki Taliban and mounting attacks world
    wide. The Taliban are undergoing a power struggle
    In  N. Waziristan for dominance of the leadership.
     N. Waziristan could become a tinder box.



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