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    Saturday, May 08, 2010

    N.Waziristan Taliban fortress.

    The Two Talibans:
    Taliban play Paki against US.

    There are 2 Talibans.
    One fighting in Pakistan.
    and a different force fighting in Afghan.

    And the Taliban in Afghan are under
    tremendous pressure. And have
    publicize upcoming  attacks in Afghan.
    They will be mostly against undefended
    politicians, villages, market places and NGO's.
    They have no guts for a real fight.

    "The military situation is getting worse. There were 400 attacks in the past week in Afghanistan, 60 percent of them by roadside bomb There were over 1,000 roadside bomb attacks in April 2010, twice as many as in April 2009."

    The Paki army is fighting the Paki Taliban,
    and giving the Afghan Taliban a safe haven
    to launch attacks in Afghan against US forces
    and Afghans..Thousands of Taliban coming
    from Paki N. W Waziristan.

    The Paki army has been in a fight
    to burn the Paki Taliban, and bring
    them into some kind of control.

    While the Paki's view the Afghan
    Taliban as possible allies against

    Afghan Taliban in N. Waziristan
    has been no threat to Paki cities.
    And the Paki's are content to let
    them run free in N.Waziristan.
    And turning a blind eye to their
    attacks into Afghan.
    But Paki army has attacked S
    Waziristan where the Paki Taliban

    Now some how the Paki's
    don't think the Paki Taliban
    will find shelter or aid
    in N Waziristan?

    And Paki pushes a lot
    of BS about needing
    forces on the Indian
    Border to protect them
    from India. While they
    have had problems with
    India in the past US could
    guarantee the Paki/India
    border freeing up 2/3 rds
    of the Paki army to fight
    the Taliban.

    So the Taliban successfully play
    Paki against US and get a
    safe haven in Paki to fight
    in Afghan.

    The loss of the Taliban's
    safe havens might bring them
    to peace talks.
    But the Taliban are notorious
    for using peace treatys to
    regroup and rearm for
    future attacks.
    They have never kept even
    one of the 7 peace treatys.
    At least the Paki Taliban haven't.
    And the Afghan Taliban
    have exhibited even less
    honor than the Paki Taliban
    who have NO honor.


    Its going be very hard to win
    if they have a safe haven and
    times running out.

    Paki doesn't see the risk of the
    Taliban over running Afghan then
    teaming up with Paki Taliban
    to take on Paki Gov.

    Of course that would give Paki
    an excuse to invade Afghan
    and annex them.

    And I think they like that Idea.
    Going from the frying pan
    into the bee hive.

    Internet Anthropologist



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