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    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    MMS fired, Fed Reserve NOT.?


    Minerals Management Service Director Fired

    Elizabeth Birnbaum, the director of the Minerals Management Service agency that oversees drilling operations, has been fired.

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    When the world banking credit crunch hit brought on by
    Wall St Banks and their sub-prime debacle and almost brought
    down the  World Banking system why wasn't the head of the
    Federal Reserve fired?

    This is prima facia evidence  of the effects of deregulation
    in the US. And the destruction it brings.
    Wall St banks must be put into a harness.

    Americans continue to suffer under a pervasive  regime
    of dishonest deregulation.
    Wall St Banks Loan sharking, 30% CC, 460% payday loans.
    Subprime debacle , selling "D" rated paper as "AAA".
    The Flash crash -1000 pts in 10 min.
    Dark pools, no regulation.
    Two sets of books, false balance sheets.
    US taxpayer bailouts and mutiple Million
    dollar bonuses.

    Guess who controls Congress?


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