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    Monday, May 03, 2010

    Hakeemullah Mehsud is a liar.

    New Taliban video.
    Flanked by his Bacha Bazi boys, NOT men.
    He  currently has no adult body guards in his current location.
    And is not running the Taliban.
    He was pulled from recuperation to produce this
    propaganda video as a rush job.

    Boys appear to be 13 or 14 yrs old.

    In impeccable white, but with dirty hands.
    He is wearing a tan shirt with stains on it.
    This was shot in a hurry, note one boy has his
    head gear tucked in and the other doesn't.

    Boy on right is excited he is breathing  32
    breaths a min.

    At around 2:40 you can hear a kids voice way
    in the background, he is in a residential area.

    At 2:46 you suddenly can hear the sounds of birds,
    a door has been opened, with well oiled hinges,
    doesn't make a sound, but the birds can be clearly heard,
    just a few then builds to a flock.

    At 4:06 you can hear someone hammering, it goes on for
    several seconds.

    Through the whole tape you can hear the hum of central
    air conditioning. That means he is in an area with reliable
    electric power.

    And there is something wrong with his left hand. Looks
    Fake, maybe prosthesis? Did he loose his left arm?
    ( Further technical  analysis Show his hand is real
    but probably  crippled. 05.03.10 G )

    And something under his shirt.

    See stains near bottom of shirt, man is a pig, and something
    around the shirt pocket. G

    He is using some kind of speaking points list,
    which he keeps looking at, to his upper right,
    his keeps focusing and moving away from that area.
    In his video he stops and restarts at least 5 times.
    He is having trouble keep his train of thought.
    This was done in a hurry.

     He says the al Qaeda cult was seeking shelter
    and USA invaded Afghan. The liar doesn't mention
    USA was seeking vengeance  After 911 attack, and
    the taliban protect them.
    Or that Mullah Omar knew of the 911 attack.

    And this time he does not pick his nose.

    Production dates can be faked, there is nothing in
    this video to support it was made pre-Time Square
    failed bombing.

    We await further proof this was Taliban planed
    attack in Times Square.This is just Info War,

    Why wait till now to send or post the video?

    We think Hakeemullah Mehsud is a liar.
    How can you tell he is lying, his lips move.
    The Taliban have NO honor.


    Tape was sent to the "Longwar Journal"

     More Taliban propaganda , lies and nose picking.

    Paki counter insurgent  50% effort. ( half assed G )

    Additional Intel:
    one video tape was made by top bomb-maker, Qari Hussain Mehsud,
    this was the work of the Talibans top bomb maker?, BS. Both tapes were made
    a few hours after the attack was publicized.  This was NOT Taliban directed.
    Once again we see the Taliban is lying trying to spin facts to their advantage.


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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I was waiting to see if you also noticed the left hand.

    I picked it right up, and also that he does not move it, neither does the gun move while he is rocking back and forth.

    1:44 AM  

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