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    Wednesday, May 05, 2010

    New Intel Shahzad

    From inside the Beltway
    Sources welcome and protected:

    Shahzad, a Pahktun, was born in June 1979 in Pabbi, northwest of the Pakistani capital Islamabad.

    Family has a residence in Hayatabad, Mohib Banda in Pabbi, Nowshera, about 25 km from Peshawar.

    Shahzad married Huma Mian from Mardan, NWFP. His mother is from Charsadda, NWFP.

    His older brother is an engineer living in Canada.

    Shahzad worked for about three years as a junior financial analyst in the Norwalk, Connecticut, office of the Affinion Group, a marketing and consulting business, the company said. He left the company in June 2009.

    Shahzad hasbeen using three passports -- two of them Pakistani -- since 2003. He left for the US by an Emirate Airlines flight from Benazir International Airport in Islamabad in the first week of February.

    Shahzad received militant training in the nearby town of Kohat. 

    The area around Kohat is a stronghold of Tariq Afridi, the main Pakistani Taliban commander in the region.  Sheikh Mohammed Rehan, a member of Jaish-e-Muhammad, drove with Shahzad from Karachi to Peshawar on July 7, 2009 ( 687 miles as the crow flies, maybe 15 hrs G ). They returned to Karachi July 22, 2009.  That appears to be the only exposure he had with militants, 3 weeks.

    The other two persons taken off the plane were FBI agents that followed Shahzad onto the plane that was then allowed to leave the terminal. After determining that the suspect, having let his guard down as the plane taxied, did not communicate or make eye contact with any other associates on the plane, the plane returned to the terminal and Shahzad was removed.
    Real time surveillance cocoon on the bomber

    From sources we have found reliable in the past.


    Times Sq bomber all around failure.

    His degrees:

    University of Bridgeport with a computer science degree in 2000 and an MBA in 2005. What was his MBA in? Email me.
     Thanks ".master’s in business administration".
    Computer Science degree and he tries to make a car bomb?
    Shahzad's father, Baharul Haq, a retired air vice marshal in the Pakistan Air Force, has since settled on hundreds of acres of farmland in Dera Ismail Khan, close to the tribal belt.
    Mr. Shahzad resigned in mid-2009; government officials said he was unemployed and bankrupt by the time of his arrest.  Where did the $1,300 come from to buy the

    He and his wife had bought a newly built single-family house on Long Hill Avenue in Shelton in 2004 for $273,000, with a $218,400 mortgage, according to court papers.( Where did the $55,000 down payment come from? His Dad? G )
    They tried to cash in on the real estate boom, listing it for sale for $329,000 in 2006. It did not sell, said Frank DelVecchio, an agent who picked up the listing in 2008. The price then was $299,000. Later it was marked down to $285,000, and finally, $284,500. ( It didn't sell. G )
    Davon Reid, 17, who lives next door, said the family moved in December: “It seemed like they picked up everything very quickly.” A few months later, a real estate broker let him in to check the place out, and it was a wreck.

    “There was spoiled food and milk everywhere,” he said. “They just left everything. They left clothes in closets, the kids’ shoes, the woman’s shoes. And the kids’ toys.” ( sign of lots of passive aggressive anger there, expression of anger and shame and maybe when he gave up on American dream. Goes to motive? G )
    Three months ago, Mr. Shahzad signed a one-year lease on the two-bedroom apartment in Bridgeport. Mr. Chomiak, the landlord, said he usually saw Mr. Shahzad only when the rent was due, but he described him as a nice guy who furnished the apartment sparsely, and said he made a living selling jewelry in New Haven. ( He has a MBA, and he is selling jewelry. G )

    But shortly after becoming a U.S. citizen a year ago, he gave up his job, stopped paying his mortgage and told a real estate agent to let the bank take the house because he was returning to Pakistan. ( He should have said he was leaving
    with a BANG. G

    His failure to succeed in USA may be as much key to his
    terror attempts as any Taliban influence. There maybe a 
    part of him that did not want to harm any body, as much
    as make a statement about his anger.  A key in this maybe his
    fathers response to loosing the $55,000 down on his home. G

    Key Taliban Group denys any connection to the would be IED bomber.
    "I think junior felt he was a failure and that his future was back in Pakistan and that he felt he could get away with it and be a hero back home."
    And no one really got hurt, he may have intended that no one get hurt, but he didn't expect American Intel , law enforcement
    could track him so fast. He's gona EAT it now for his EGO anger shame and rage.
    Bad choices. G

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