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    Saturday, May 08, 2010

    My recruitment: to the Dark side.

    My recruitment:

    Back when US was invading Iraq, I was almost recruited.
    Not to the terrorist cause but the first steps to some

    I distinctly remember the two or three days of confusion.
    I had been surfing the Terrorist sites.
    One of my favorite sites for war info and observing the
    Other was "Infovlad Forum".

    There were a lot of bad guys on there and they were
    approachable, one could talk to them.

    My second visit there I read a post about the English
    SAS, and how they had been found in possession
    of IED's, and dressed like Iraqis. It had a link
    and story to a news site, which I read several times.
    I was very surprised and confused. SAS planting

    The next day there was another story about the
    arrest of more SAS officers running from a sniping
    of Iraqi civilians, and a nother link to a News site
    with the full story.

    Great Britain's SAS crack anti-terrorist acting
    as terrorists.

    I left the Infovlad site very angry, and didn't
    visit it for many days. The more I thought about
    them the more angry I became and I didn't
    want to read any more about the dirty disgusting
    things going on.

    On about the fourth day something snapped.
    I did my archaeology field study in Marlam Tarn
    in England, I had recovered the remains of 7
    British Ramano troops from about 2,000 years
    ago. I knew the English people intimately lived
    part time in their pubs. Something
    was wrong, and I felt I needed to dig further
    I just couldn't believe the SAS were terrorist.

    I logged back on to Infovlad and took another
    look at the posts, all the credibility came from
    the NEWS sites they had linked to.

    So I started an investigation of the News sites,
    and was able to track both news sites back to
    al Qaeda control/front.

    The sites looked very real and authentic.
    Took me in completely. I thought they
    were legit news reporters.

    And I think this same process is the
    start of recruiting Jahddies.

    Our response was to expose the "news
    sites" in my posts on Infovlad, and
    confront any one using them as source
    for their posts.

    Eventually my efforts lead to the
    jahiddies on Infovlad abandoning
    the use of those fake news sites.

    I can't take full credit, Bill did most
    of the work.

    But the process was so real and
    engaging it moved one to action.
    The propaganda was very effective
    and suckered me in completely for
    a while.

    Bill and I started a campaign to
    expose the propaganda on Infovlad
    which lead the lil jahidders to file
    at least 3 different complaints
    against Bill and the moderators
    asked Bill to lighten up on the
    wana be terrorists and threatened
    banning and when the Jahidders
    took over Bill was finally banned,
    and Infovlad was shut down shortly

    The thing that drove them nutz was
    pointing out that al Qaeda was killing
    women and children in their market
    place bombings.

    They knew it was true and wrong
    and it drove them to distraction
    to hear it.

    A good Info war cuts both ways,
    And US has been remiss in the
    attention to terrorist propaganda
    and exploiting its weaknesses.
    If they are not going to run a huge
    info war against the Propaganda
    then the sites need to be shut down.

    It doesn't take a weak mind to
    fall for the Terrorist propaganda;
    it just takes presenting it in a
    format that the reader believes.

    Its human nature to want to right
    a wrong, and the more wrong the
    act is the stronger the motivation.
    Regardless whether the supposed
    wrong is true or not.
    It just has to be presented in a format
    the reader will believe, without
    any opposing comment or suspicion
    it is a lie.

    And now the terrorist are working
    to get the ones they have hooked
    ( the Lone Wolf ) into performing
    some violent act.

    The dupe really believes he is
    acting on the side of good.

    I experienced being duped,
    and bought into it for a few days.

    Its a very un-nerving experience.
    I love the British and was most
    pleased to find the SAS stories
    were just propaganda,  but
    the context suckered me.
    It was so well done.

    I wonder how many Muslims have
    the same kind of experience?

    Internet Anthropologist

    More on Jahidders Motives: IATT

    Our BSU's track about 12 to 25 a day
    looking to join al Qaeda,
    but almost none want to join the Taliban?

    Guess the Taliban isn't sexy? G



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