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    Monday, May 10, 2010

    Mullah Omar Captured: NOT

     captured? Breaking. Not confirmed....WE DON'T THINK HE WAS CAPTURED.
    SOURCE: Brad Thor.
    Checking our sources. Two sources say NO, waiting on third. Third in
    knocked on every door, zip.

    He is the dumb SOB that  ordered the Buddahs in Bamyan Destroyed.
    There is a special place in hell for this Dumbass.
    Hypothesis: If true:

    Death of Khalid Khawaja,
     ISI Retaliation for his death.?


    More breaking.

    From March 5
    KARACHI: Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar’s son-in-law – who was ranked seventh in terms of seniority in the Taliban Shura hierarchy – has been arrested in a raid conducted in Karachi.???

    11:30 pm EST 05.10.10
    Capture doubtful: EX-ISI man's body found Mar, 30.
    Omar sent Jirga to negotiate release second ISI man on
    Sat. May 1st. SOURCE:
    If he was in custody he couldn't send Jirga.
    If he is captured the news should be kept quiet,
    it would be a huge intelligence coup, and allow
    exploiting the Taliban from the top down.


    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    Update: Mullah Omar caught: JAWA Report

    Jawa Exclusive: Capture Of Mullah Omar Confirmed *sticky*

    An overseas intelligence source has confirmed to the Jawa Report that Mullah Omar has been captured as originally reported by Brad Thor.
    You can wait for the New York Times to catch up if you'd like, we don't mind.

    Here's hoping.



    Pakistani official: No, we didn't

    capture Mullah Omar SOURCE:

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