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    Friday, May 28, 2010

    Iran; Good news; Bad news

    Iranian Regime situation 
    much better and worse
    than thought. Iran's Nuke.

    With the Epic Fail of their first nuclear program
    they have had to start all over, and we don't
    believe N Korea has a real nuke weapon.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Iran Epic nuke fail?

    Iran's agreement to move majority of low grade
    nuke material to Turkey is a good move towards
    assuring Iran isn't doing major work on a Nuke.

    But they still could be working from scratch in
    secret on a all new Iranian nuke program.

    Diplomats say Iran removed equipment

    Now the bad part, the resistance has been a
    failure an excuse for the President Abberjonny
    to take over, sidelining the supreme leader and
    the Mullahs to figure heads.

    Tom has a good piece on it.

    It's over in Iran alright--for the theocracy as well

    But the dark shadow is the 13th Imam paradigm.

    Iran and MAD

    MAD is an incentive not a deterrent for
    the Iranian regime to use nukes.

    Internet Anthropologist

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