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    Saturday, May 08, 2010

    Dark Pools, skinny dipping.

    Dark Pools, skinny dipping to the Tune of -1000 points.

    Secret Sources indicate that Wall St. Bankers
    are positive the regulators have been so
    emasculated they will not be able to trace
    the cause of the -1,000 point decline.
     National Security Issue.
    We await their response, and will weigh
    it for truth, honesty and veracity.


    Around 70% of the trades on NYSE
    are done in the secret, in "DARK POOLS".
    ( sites located in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.
    We've seen hacking  into US biggest Gov, and Corportate
    sites, and have no idea about their security, or hacks. G ) 
    Beyond regulators eyes.
    No transparency.
    But the public trades in the full
    light of day.

    Once again the Banks win.
    Will the American citizens
    ever get back control of

    Series 3 & 7.
    Sources welcome and protected.

    How it was done.IATT


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