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    Monday, May 10, 2010

    Cyber Retaliation: Dancho

    Should a targeted country strike back at the cyber attackers?By By Dancho Danchev


    Should a targeted country retaliate over cyber attacks using kinetic weapons, or offensive cyber warfare capabilities? Common sense says 'yes', the dynamics of cyber warfare say 'think twice' before doing it, or you may easily end up attacking the wrong country, perhaps even your own infrastructure. 
    What do you think?
    How should a targeted country threat the infrastructure used by the cyber attackers, even if it’s a compromised third country’s servers they are using? Should a targeted country use its offensive cyber warfare capabilities as a bargaining power against a particular cybercrime-tolerant country, even through the attacks are launched by someone else?
    Also, how would a targeted country strike back at a country that has virtually no Internet infrastructure at all?
    TalkBack, and share your opinion. ( the comment section did not work G)


    Dancho one of a few cyber geniuses . G

    MY reply:


    In response to a massive Dos attack
    there are few options.
    There is a cyber side arm that will take
    a IP off line. It is not a dos attack.
    If the attack is of such proportion
    that it runs the risk of bringing down
    USA's nodes, then an attack to take
    all million or so infected PC's off
    the WWW, is do-able.
     The alternative is to let them
    take down your nodes, dropping
    your WWW to about 15% of what
    it normally is.
    The problem in using a counter
    dos attack is you may be adding
    to the process of bring down the
    nodes you need to run the WWW.
    Taking out a bot net, you may actually
    take many PC's off line in the USA.
    In addition to knocking the infected
    IP's off line is the need to penetrate
    the bot net real time to seize C2.
    And shut it off, and I suspect only
    NSA would have that capability.
    Cornfliker has been running for
    over a year and the expert civilians
    have not been able to take it over
    or shut it down. Not even Micro Soft's
    security team.
    There are other options to taking
    out Bot nets, but they are outside the
    box and I won't discuss them.

    Internet Anthropologist,
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst


    I tried to post reply on Znet, comments 5 times;
    kept getting :
    '.Bad parameters.'

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