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    Tuesday, May 04, 2010

    BUSTED; Time Square bomber

    Shahzad Faisal, 30 yr old, has been taken into custody.
    Lived at 119 Long Hill Avenue in Shelton

    Two officials familiar with the case say Faisal, who is of Pakistani descent, was arrested in Long Island, N.Y. He is a Connecticut resident and a naturalized citizen. He recently returned from several months in Pakistan.
    Three weeks ago, Faisal bought the 13-year-old SUV on Craigslist from another Connecticut man. He paid cash for the vehicle and never filed any of the paperwork necessary to register it.
    Officials say there were fingerprints found in the vehicle. They also found forensic evidence that linked Faisal to some sort of international group but they didn't give many details on that connection.

    He went to Paki for 8 months.
    ...picked up at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens.
    Traced him from his IP.(  UAE flight 202,
    flight to Dubai, removed from plane.  As of 2:28 am EST Plane Not yet departed. 
    Scheduled to depart 11:23 pm EST. Final destination Pakistan. New departure time 4:30 am EST G )

    We forecast on the basis  of paradigm Intel he would be
    identified with in 24 hrs, they got an arrest with in 24 hrs.
    Great job guys.




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