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    Saturday, May 29, 2010

    Become a Cyber Warrior

    Interested in joining the ANWB?

    Phone: (301) 688-8944
    ANWB Recruiter
    SSG(P) Lashawn Stradford (email)
    ANWB Recruiter
    Patrick Ryan (email)

    Are you ready to be a Cyber Warrior?

    Do you want to be on the cutting edge as we confront the challenge of a lifetime...a Net-Centric World?

    The Army Network Warfare Battalion is seeking highly motivated individuals looking to advance their careers with interesting, rewarding, and challenging worldwide missions.

    They take my  breath away....awesome
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 
    I am a Cyber Warrior this is my song.



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    Its Ok go ahead and comment.

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