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    Thursday, May 06, 2010



    I was watching Cable news, when the Dow
    began to slide, it felt like seconds, but was
    actually min. about 10, I think.

    Gerald, center, trading floor NYSE

    The last crash I was in the market fell
    508 pts in one day Black Oct.
     8 hrs to decline -508 points.

    At that time as a Broker I was well plugged
    in and couldn't find a reason for the slide.
    But my research pre-crash had prepared
    me for it. The market was way over extended
    In terms of support/resistance numbers and
    the Fibonacci  levels.

    It had been running at an over extended level
    for around a month when it collapsed.

    But to day it was much different.
    When it was over I thought manipulation.
    Computerized trading.

    Its much worse now then when I was a broker
    back then the big houses didn't have the
    advantages they have now.
    In effect the big houses are allowed to front
    run prices.

    The speed of the decline today left me
    slack jawed.
    The speed of the recovery smelled of
    a SKUNK.
    Through short trading and "puts", they can
    make dollar for dollar , on every tick of the
    decline, for every dollar you were loosing
    they were gaining.

    But worse "puts" allow huge leverage.
    So some one made huge profits on the
    way down, they also made huge profits
    on the way back up with "calls" tremendous

    This is a prime example of the criminal
    greed on Wall St, and a prime example
    of the effects of deregulation.

    An Investigation will find some Banks
    made Billions today, from this 1,000
    point decline. Both on the way down and
    on the way up.

    Deregulation and technology has upset
    the playing field, it is no longer level.
    Stock trading is tilted in favor of the
    Banks and Investment houses and
    Against the individual trader.

    I've been avoiding getting into this
    and will post more; the sleaze factor
    for stock market trading is disgusting.

    In effect today they were able to "TILT"
    the trading system, and rake in huge
    profits when it collapsed, and
    make huge profits as it righted its
    Those of you that were smart enough
    to use stop loss orders were just herded
    up and screwed, sold at a loss, and in
    10 min came back up above your sold
     prices, some one just bought up your
    stock at a 1,000 point decline fire sale prices.
    And made a profit at your expense as
    the market recovered. You got screwed
    on the way down and back up.

    This was CRIMINAL manipulation
    but made legal through deregulation.

    It feels like it started as an accident, but it exposes
    huge security risk to the Nation and our economy.

    Moreover, trading takes place not only on the main exchanges – the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq – but on a plethora of other platforms, including “dark pools” and systems operated by brokers themselves. Less than 35 per cent of trading in NYSE-listed shares actually takes place on the New York Stock Exchange these days.  ( SECRET trading WTF, G )

    When did corporations switch to the dark side?
    Corporations are getting away with loan sharking
    and fraud.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Bank regs, Mafia so proud

    They are committing felonys and getting away with it.
     Fraud is rampant in US corporations.

    As much as I complain about Charter Cable company
    I just found out they are actually OK.

    I thinking of switching to "Dish Network".
    I got spam in the snail mail and they looked
    pretty good, but I thought I should check them
    out on the WWW first.

    It looks like they are getting away with
    outright FRAUD.
    And law enforcement is doing nothing
    to stop them.
    Check them out:
    you decide...

    This corporate crime wave is impacting the GWOT.
    The banks almost crashed the US economy,
    with criminal manipulation of credit ratings
    on "D" sub-prime paper, marking it up to
    And were BAILED OUT.


    And now we see the Banks  can crash
    the stock markets.
    And I'm sure it was all very legal, unethical
    and criminal, but legal.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Series 3 and 7

    THIS shit, HOLD ON TIGHT.g
    Wall St Banks = "systemic risk"

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