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    Saturday, May 08, 2010

    -1000 pt decline, how it was done.

    How it was done.

    Paradigm Intel on the -1000 point decline.
    A lot of market mavens are expressing the
    Idea that the buyers just disappeared.

    The chart shows how a major support level
    was broke. And that could contribute to
    a drastic fall, especially  one of such long
    standing. And that could contribute
    to pre-programed selling.
    I've found a logarithmic scale to give a
    better view. But you can clearly see the
    support level. Bottom blue line.
    And there is no support level below that.
    A Fibonacci calculation would produce
    a reliable mark for a bounce.
    I no longer have access to my charting
    But the problem with this hypothesis is
    the fast bounce. That is very suspicious.
    Unless the Fibonacci number comes
    back at the bottom of the crash.
    Then that may indicate it was just
    pre-programed mathematical response
    of many unrelated traders.

    The alternative is a group of big insider
    traders know that a decline of X%,
    weakens the market enough to scare
    buyers, and they agreed to operate
    from the dark pools to exacerbate
    the problem by dumping every
    thing when the pre-agreeded
    percentage was reached.
    And buying back in at the
    -1000 point level.
    Profiting hundreds of billions
    if not Trillions of USD.
    And if done in the Black
    pools would be untraceable.

    Except in the tax records.

    They maybe able to hide
    the trades, but it will be
    much harder to hide the

    Internet Anthropologist
    Series 3 and 7

    Who are these Criminal Wall St Banks?
    Are they a National Security Risk?
    Wall St Banks = "systemic risk"
    Loan sharking, 40% CC, 460% payday loans
    sub-prime debacle
    World economic system on brink
    Trading 70% of NYSE in dark pools
    -1,000 pt crashes in 8 min.
    Two sets of books, fake balance sheets
    Bail out for their criminal activities.
    Too big to fail
    Protected by FDIC ins.
    Who are they?

    How to fix this mess: by Thomas P.M. Barnett



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