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    Monday, April 05, 2010

    wikileaks FRAUD

    Wikileaks has turned into a propaganda mouth piece
    for the Terrorist.
     regret the loss of Mr. the Reuters camera man
    While the US regrets the death of Mr. Saeed, was walking with insurgents who were carrying RPG's and AK 47s.

    And he failed to notify authorities he would be with the insurgents.

    If you are a terrorist or walking with them you may be subject 
    to mortal attack.

    Wikileaks further misleads in this propaganda piece
    by pointing out children in the Van, which even under
    their magnification are unidentifiable.

    The term collateral murder is misleading and 
    furthers the terrorist agenda.

    See photos below and video.

    Unidentifiable children

    Collateral Murder: Bull Shit.


    The Military needs to release the photos showing weapons.

    They took the children to the NEAREST hospital,
    if they had taken them to the military hospital 
    then wikileaks would be complaining that there
    was a hospital closer they should have taken them to.

    While we agree with the wikileaks paradigm,
    they need to speak the truth and not spin the
    story like this.
    They are aiding the Terrorist, amo for
    their Info WAR.

    Wikileaks lacks integrity.

    Wikileaks Paradigm Intel Briefing 11.29.10




    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "The Military needs to release the photos showing weapons."

    If there were any weapons, they would have shown this long ago.

    The photographer was not traveling with any insurgents, and the attack on the civilians was completely unprovoked.

    12:57 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    The weapons are clearly visible.
    They were armed insurgents

    You walk with terrorist you
    die with them.


    1:16 PM  
    Blogger Michael Pierce said...

    I am collecting data right now to create a video response to this "civilian" killing. I also saw the profile of the rpg that you have pointed out on your blog.

    There is chatter of an RPG more than half way through the 40 min version of the video.

    Also that Van was seen leaving the area at the beginning of the video as well. I will be pointing these facts out in a video I hope to finish in the next day or so.

    5:53 PM  

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