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    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    US / Iran Nuclear Paradigm

    US / Iran Nuclear Paradigm

    In examining the relationship between Iran and US 
    Paradigm Intel reveals some very interesting hypothesis.

    None of which will we revel, and all notes have been
    destroyed to NSA standards, no trace remains on our

    In view of this new intel we support Obama's actions.
    But want to point out the thin margin of error.

    A mistake will result in history marking the Obama
    administration responsible for a nuclear armed
    Iran. And in effect  for the disaster that follows.

    And it looks like Obama has not taken Israel into
    it's confidence, Which in and of its self represents
    a calculated risk.

    This is going to make a Great movie someday,
    and will twist the publics minds.

    It is bad news for the Iranian Regime and good
    news for the rest of the world.

    We watch with great interest and enthusiasm
    the unfolding of events.


    Follow up:

    My essential issue with Obama 

    OPINION: "He's a Dreamer, He's a Realist: In matters of national security, confusion is always dangerous," by Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal, 15 April 2010.
    While I admire the reach for balance, and judging everything in and of itself, I do worry about the lack of coherence.
    Good example: Good to be tough on Israel, but then idealistic to think you're going to stop Iran's nukes, and the combo of those two things is a bit spooky in its potential to explode.
    I mean, the guy's working his Inbox with plenty speed and thought, but I worry about his let-me-fix-this-problem ambition getting out of control.
    But you have to wish Obama well while he's trying. Guy said he can live with one term and he's already working foreign policy like it's his second.
    [thanks to WPR's Media Roundup]


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