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    Tuesday, April 13, 2010


    Spanking kids makes them more aggressive, defiant and prone to tantrums: study ( bs G )

    Poorly designed study, lacks depth and scope.

    I and my generation was spanked, Dad used a belt.
    Dr. Spock originated this paradigm, and even he said
    its wrong, that "the out come of not spanking was a generation
    of brats".

    Currently kids receive no corporal punishment until
    they are inducted into a GANG.

    Or are prosecuted as an adult then subject to
    prisoner abuse and assault.

    Currently there is no repercussion associated
    to juvenile punks actions till they reach 18 and
    go to jail.

    Spanking is far from abuse, it establishes boundaries
    respect for law and authority, consequences for their
    actions and may help keep them out of prison.

    You train the children in reality.
    As an adult if they violate the law they
    are going to get spanked one way or another.

    As kids they get talking to or time out,
    that does not equate to consequences
    for their actions.

    Keep your kids out of gangs and prison;


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