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    Wednesday, April 07, 2010

    New vid. Bowe Robert Bergdahlid;

    New Berg Video:

    American captured soldier Bowe Robert Bergdahl "Plea to his 


    Currently analyzing the vid.
    Will post more.
    Terintel special ops team.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: PFC Bergdahl, Guest prisoner.


    "Foundation for Media Production emirate offers a new video of American prisoners of Poe Robert Bragdal captured by the Mujahideen in 30/6/2009 near the "Summary" province of Paktika, the state Yusuf Khel is since about 9 months.
    This video was filmed this week of the month of April 2010 and requests the prisoner U.S. government to work on his speed his release. At the end of the video voice message to the brother Karim Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman of the Islamic Emirate set demands for the release of captive American"

    . Posted at:

    Video presentation is revealing:
    They have cropped the video so only the
    Guest/Prisoner can be seen, no background.

    Starts with personal dialog to ID him.
    Then message for the family.
    THEY wanted him to talk about
    what he "LOVES"?


    He is begging for his life.
    And to be released.

    He is growing a beard.
    He is identifying with his captors.
    He hasn't lost weight, but
    is depressed.
    His body language suggest
    the Taliban threaten him on
    a regular basis.
    They are trying to convert him to
    Islam, "lost my way in life".
    During the entire vid he wears
    something, jacket, T-shrit with
    "ARMY" on it.
    And Mil camouflage?
    This suggests he is in a
    very secure area.
    Filmed in a compound.

    Demonstration the Taliban is taking
    good care of him, push ups etc.
    Treating him humanely.
    He favors the right leg
    a little, and raises the left leg
    much higher than the right.
    Possibility they chain his right

    Treating him according to "lofty rules".
    He is safe.

    The Taliban want a prisoner exchange 
    real bad.

    What key prisoner does Afghan or
    US have?

    This vid bodes well for the American.
    Vid done by someone with English as
    second language, non traditional education.
    Not the al Qaeda American Jew.
    This is NOT an al Qaeda operation.
    This is a Taliban operation.
    OBL caught in LIE
    They maybe hiding him from
    al Qaeda cult also.
    The video was a rush job, they
    didn't even use a spell checker
    on the text.
    At 1:37 you can hear a captor
    coughing, the sounds, depth
    of cough suggest a man around
    5'8' in hight and at least 180 lbs,
    with a chronic cough.
    In a room with a big opening
    about 20 feet away from the camera, small echo,
    and a second person can be heard
    saying something unintelligible.
    Plus the camera man makes at least
    3 guards.
    At 3:24 you can hear some kids
    about a half a block away, at least 3 kids
     its a residential setting.
    At 4:15 you can hear a truck going by on
    a paved road maybe 100 yds away.
    At 4:43 you can hear a dog barking,
    so it may not be a hard core Taliban
    4:57 is a child and mother in same
    compound, slight echo.
    5:32 is one of the captors voices
    saying "pushups"
    And at least two womens voices
    in background.
    As well as sounds of people doing household
    chores during vid.


    Probably a different configuration but
    associations basically correct.




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