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    Tuesday, April 06, 2010

    krazy Kazai goes Taliban

     President Hamid Karzai's threats that he would consider joining the Taliban if he continues to come under outside pressure to reform his administration, which has struggled with corruption.

    JEEZE, If krazy Kazai goes over the to the Taliban 
    it should be made clear there would be a Drone looking
    for him to deliver a present.

    His public consideration of joining the Taliban
    casts a pall on his administration and provides
    tinder for the accusations he is just playing  the Great Game.
    ( Transpose Pakistan for Afghanistan. )
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Pakistan's GREATEST GAME

    It would seem Karzai has made cleared up questions about his

    The new US paradigm towards Afghan and the Taliban seems viable.
    But how do you deal with a corrupt Afghan President.
    Would he or has he already sold out Afghan to the Taliban?

    Maybe the Afghan people will take matters into their own hands?

    This is a major error on Karzai's part, and it doesn't bode well
    for the Afghan President.





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