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    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Evil Googlebot II

    I have page after page of the Google bot searching
    my blog 136 pages at one setting was max.

    Note this wasn't a complaint,

    "While reviewing your account, we noticed"

    While under investigation we dug thru all of your 4000 posts
    And found one violation, 
    And have suspended your money making function.
    And were not going to tell you why or who requested the
    Please note that we may disable your account if further violations are
    found in the future.


    The Google AdSense Team


    Seems they have disabled "Labels" also.

    Jeeze how can I fight Google.

    Internet Anthropologist

    The page in contention, serves as a reminder of
    why I'm fighting this Cyber War against the Terrorist,'
    it recharges my anger every time I look at it. G

    It has a photo of a beheaded person.
    Since removed.

    They haven't asked me to remove it, nore have they stated
    they would restart my ads if I did?

    After thought:
    "As stated in our program policies, AdSense publishers are not permitted to
    place Google ads on pages with violent content. This includes sites with
    content related to breaking bones, getting hit by trains or cars, or
    people receiving serious injuries.

    As a result, we have disabled ad serving to the site"

    Guess its ok for Terrorist posting violent content on Youtube.
    Well maybe they got their adsense suspended also.

    "Your AdSense account remains active. However, we strongly suggest that you
    take the time to review our program policies
    ( ) to ensure that all of your
    remaining pages are in compliance."

    It feels like a setup, how long will it take me to go thru all
    4000 pages?

    Smells like they maybe going for a head shot?

    Internet Anthropologist

    They seem to have limited the number of posts displayed,
    Settings are configured to display 20 days of posts.
    How many do YOU SEE?

    Google person in Beverly Hills calf, visits 63 pages.

    Number of Entries:
    Entry Page Time:
    Visit Length:
    63 pages
    10th April 2010 08:06:49
    Multiple visits spread over more than one day
    Google Webmaster Tools 0
    United StatesReturning Visits:
    IP Address:
    Entry Page:
    Exit Page:
    Referring URL:
    Beverly Hills, California, United States
    Google (
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Pakistan's GREATEST GAME, of the Great Games.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Palestinian TERROR GROUPS
    No referring link


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