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    Friday, April 02, 2010

    Economic Paradigm Forecast:

    Economic Paradigm Forecast:

    Just saw Enron on CNBC tonight.

    Enron was the poster child for deregulation.
    And they used deregulation to shield themselves
    from legal fraud charges.
    Illegal today.
    Change Regulations
    Legal today.  

    Their two top traders traded the
    Company into the RED.
    Bet all the reserves and lost.
    Ken Lays response wasn't
    to fire them but tell them to bet more
    and make up the losses.

    Enron was loosing money ever year
    but still posted profits.
    Fastow just hid debt in fake front

    And eventually they got caught by
    reporters, not the Regulators.

    Wall Street instead of making sweeping
    regulation changes to protect the public,
    Wall Street used Enron as a Business Model.
    But changed the paradigm so they couldn't
    loose, they became to big to fail.

    And American Banks are the biggest
    Enron machines currently on Wall Street.
    But they planned their OUT.
    The American public would bail them out.
    And even now they are allowed to cook the
    books, carry two sets of books, the one
    the public sees carries all their Toxic Sub-
    prime paper at 100% value.

    Even thought those assets are only worth
    30% of original value.
    And they are still allowed through deregulation
    to run criminal enterprises.
    30% vig on Credit Cards, and 460%
    on payday loans.

    Ken Lay is still with us, but now hes running 
    American Banks, a criminal enterprise
    still untouchable, like Capone in Chicago in the

    Both Enron and Capone bought off politicians
    and the judges ( regulators ).
    Just like the Banks are still doing.
    ( Buying off congress. G )

    Capitalism comes in flavors, there is the American
    flavor currently Enron flavor.

    And there is a Chinese favor of capitalism.
    Based on a history of Communism.

    And there is Russian flavor of Capitalism
    based on a mafia history.

    Capitalism is greedy and it will by its nature
    convert to crime.

    Capitalism needs regulation to protect its
    self from it's self.

    Bernie Maddoff is another example of this
    deregulation, Enron model which is prevalent
    on Wall Street today.

    Banks by their very nature cannot both do
    Banking with Federal Insurance and Investment
    banking with unlimited risk,

    One business makes loans for a few percent
    profit and the other business takes huge risks
    for huge profits.

    I wonder why the banks aren't making loans
    at low profits. what are they investing the 2.3
    trillion USD the Federal government and Federal 
    Reserve gave them?

    If consumer protection remains with the Federal
    Reserve then we know the Inmates are still in charge.
    The Federal Reserve has been a total and abysmal
    failure in protecting the public.
    Toxic paper, almost brought down the worlds economic
    30 % credit cards,
    460% vig on payday loans.

    Now our forecast:
    More Enron discoveries of other companies too big
    to fail, more fraud and additional economic threats
    from the current Enron model prevalent on Wall Street
    These problems will influence funding on the GWOT.
    This paradigm is problematic as long as
    current laws allow corporate funding at current levels.

    The people are not now in control of congress.

    Series 3 and 7


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