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    Sunday, April 04, 2010

    Congress a Security Risk/Threat

    Congress as a Security Risk/Threat

    I'm going to phrase this in a GWOT,
    but there are many many other contexts.

    In the GWOT the terrorist are dealing with 
    what ever the current administration is in office.

    Congress has some influence.
    Its hard not to believe Congress isn't
    How did all the deregulation of banks
    How were they allowed to almost bring down
    the WORLD economic system.
    Why did the Federal Reserve declare them 
    to big to fail?
    Why haven't they done something about 
    "being to big to FAIL". banks?
    Why did the Federal Reserve give them
    Why are the Banks allowed to keep two
    sets of books. one with the toxic sub-prime paper
    valued at 100%.
    And the other set only the banks sees
    with the Toxic at true value around 30%.
    Why are banks allowed to charge USURIOUS
    interest rates, 30% on credit cards and 
    payday loans.
    The FBI used to put the Mafia in 
    PRISON for that crime.

    An obvious conclusion might be
    American congress is corrupt and been
    bought off or even worse duped.

    American congress changed the funding laws
    to make bribery of US Congress legal.

    And the Supreme Court changed the law
    giving Corporations civil rights.

    The Corporations can now spend unlimited
    amounts in political advertising for "THEIR"

    Foreign States Hostile to US have started
    corporations to unduly influence congress. Through
    this NEW Supreme Court ruling.

    And I have just presented a hypothesis that
    Congress is Corrupt, 

    The question now becomes is Congress corrupt
    enough, any of them, to work for a Foreign hostile

    I think the amount of the legal bribe will have
    a large influence on that question.

    If Congress can be corrupted ( against the American
    Public, 400+% interest rates etc ) 
    by American Banks and the Banks can
    corrupt the Federal Reserve  

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: The Federal Reserve is Suspect:

    Dec 3, 2009 ... The Federal Reserve is Suspect: By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank. Paradigm Intel on the Federal Reserve Corp. ...

    Can a Terrorist Government corrupt American

    We have seen proof of concept involving Congress
    and American Banks, could this corruption
    be extended to Foreign States hostile to US.

    Could Congress be a threat to the GWOT?

    Based on their record, and exhibits demonstrating
    lack of integrity, it is a definable possibility.

    The American Public gave the Republican the
    drivers seat for 8 years, and they think it time
    for change so they gave the Democrats the
    seat and the House and the Senate.

    They expect change.
    One can only hope they can ID the crooks in Congress
    and vote them out of office.
    Who would we trust to make such a LIST?

    30% Credit Card interest rates and
    460% payday loan Interest rates
    is Prima facie evidence of Congress's
    corruption or  incompetence.

    Series 3 and 7




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