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    Friday, March 05, 2010

    USA's Cyber Generals

    USA's Cyber General....
    NSA's Information Assurance Director.
    Dickie George

    Listen to him here, he doesn't lie and has a good handle
    on the Cyber Attacks and threats.
    He's very good.

    At the end he is asked if USA is winning?
    He says were not loosing.
    He didn't say winning.
    I think maybe a tie.
    Sometimes they get in.


    Another Cyber General...

    Howard Schmidt, the new cybersecurity czar for the Obama administration, has a short answer for the drumbeat of rhetoric claiming the United States is caught up in a cyberwar that it is losing.
    “There is no cyberwar,” Schmidt told in a sit-down interview Wednesday at the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco.
    ( There is no war, just attacks on USA, they can't prove who is attacking.
    If USA knew there might be a Cyber War then. G )
    “I think that is a terrible metaphor and I think that is a terrible concept,” Schmidt said. “There are no winners in that environment.”
    Instead, Schmidt said the government needs to focus its cybersecurity efforts to fight online crime and espionage.
    One of his first moves in his new job was to publish an unclassified summary of the country’s 12-point cybersecurity plan, known as the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative, a move toward transparency that he announced Monday as the keynote speaker at the world’s premier security conference. ( ANY ONE KNOW WHERE i CAN GET A COPY OF THIS 12 POINT PLAN? G )


    The Third Cyber General...
    Mike McConnell

    Much of the authority and the funds under that initiative fell to the National Security Agency, the military’s premier spying agency that also has responsibility for locking down the government’s classified networks. Not surprisingly, McConnell, as DNI, held power over the NSA.
    McConnell rejoined Booz Allen Hamilton, a defense contractor who made more than $4 billion in 2008, mostly in government contracts, including secret ones. A former NSA director, McConnell now servers as the vice president for national security business at Booz Allen Hamilton. It was recently acquired by the powerful and politically connected Carlyle Group,

    The United States must also translate our intent into capabilities. We need to develop an early-warning system to monitor cyberspace, identify intrusions and locate the source of attacks with a trail of evidence that can support diplomatic, military and legal options -- and we must be able to do this in milliseconds. More specifically, we need to reengineer the Internet to make attribution, geolocation, intelligence analysis and impact assessment -- who did it, from where, why and what was the result -- more manageable. The technologies are already available from public and private sources and can be further developed if we have the will to build them into our systems and to work with our allies and trading partners so they will do the same.



    So there is a solution to a secure WWW,
    But what we gain in Security
    We give up in Privacy.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    Our Threat Analysis.




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