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    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    RIAA hunting flies with a 50 cal

    RIAA hunting flies with a 50 cal, and Obama is
    issuing the hunting lise.

    US has secret treat to hunt down and take
    off line cyber music shoplifters.
    Plus million dollar fines for shoplifting
    a few songs.

    Paradigm Intel says RIAA is pushing
    for an assassination option also.

    al Qaeda and other terrorist are OK,
    no treaty about them on the Internet.

    Obama is more concerned about the
    the terrible massive damage and loss of life 
    from these music shoplifters on line
    than TERRORISTS.

    OMG what a few million dollars in the 
    hands of lobbyist can do, and all
    the bribes are legal.

    RIAA should be fined Billions just
    for being so damn bullheaded and

    Anybody on the HILL  got their
    priorities straight?
    Why is Obama wasting time, money
    and resources on Internet shoplifting
    instead of Terrorism and the Internet

    This is an excellent example of
    lobbyist control over the US

    Treatys secret from the American
    Public? Guess who the Government
    is working for ?
    Give you a clue its not the American

    What would you call 100 lobbyist
    arrested for corrupting US Government ?
    A good start.





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