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    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    Guilty of being Black and Pregnant

    Seattle police open season on Black pregnant mothers?

    STEVEN L. DAMAN, in his capacity  as an officer of the Seattle Police

    his individual capacity as an
    officer of the Seattle Police

    his individual capacity as an
    officer of the Seattle Police

    The Washington courts have
    never approved a custodial arrest for a non-arrestable offense
    where the driver, like Brooks, produced identification and
    owned the car she was driving.

    Officer Ornelas then called his supervisor, SPD Sergeant
    Daman. When Sergeant Daman arrived, Brooks continued to
    refuse to sign the Notice. Sergeant Daman then asked her “if
    [she] was going to sign the ticket.” When she refused, he told
    Officers Ornelas and Jones to “[b]ook her.” They attempted
    to follow those orders.

    Officer Ornelas then employed a pain compliance technique,
    bringing Brooks’s left arm up behind her back,
    whereon Brooks stiffened her body and clutched the steering
    wheel in order to frustrate her removal from the car. Officer
    Jones discharged the Taser against Brooks’s thigh, through
    her sweat pants, which caused Brooks “tremendous pain.” She
    began to yell and honk the car’s horn.

    Within the next minute, Officer Jones tased her two more
    times, against her shoulder and neck, the latter being the only
    area of exposed skin. Brooks was unable to get out of the car
    herself during this time because her arm was still behind her

    Indeed, an arrestee’s resistance may support the use 
    of force regardless of whether probable cause existed.
    ( WTF? G )

    holding that an 

    arrest based on probable cause does not 

    violate the Fourth 

    Amendment, even if the relevant criminal 

    offense is nonarrestable 

    under state law

    “A person is guilty of obstructing a law enforcement
    officer if the person willfully hinders, delays, or
    obstructs any law enforcement officer in the discharge of his
    or her official powers or duties.”

    Bryan v. McPherson, 590 F.3d 767 (9th Cir.
    2009) (holding that shooting a Taser gun at a disoriented,
    half-naked man while stopping him for a seatbelt violation
    constituted excessive force).



    Refusing to sign the Ticket is not

    an arrestable offense!

    And her refusal to sign was then

    turned into "obstructing".

    Which is an arrestable offense.

    Just cheesy....




    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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